Robert Niesse, Modedesigner,

Robert Niesse

The works of the Cologne-based artist and fashion designer Robert Niesse show his fine instinct and his pronounced passion for color and color composition, which intuitively arise through rich application of paint from a momentary impulse.

By means of a technique of adding and removing and both fine and strong color gradient layers, Niesse creates a deep complexity in his paintings. The power of the colorfulness of his paintings changes analytical vision and often lets his painting speak in riddles.

It is not the mind that should analyze the image, but one’s intuition and feeling that need to capture the message of his pictures.






*1963 in Glandorf, Germany
1992 University of Bielefeld, Germany, Dipl.Ing., Institute of Fashion Design, Painting, Photography
1992/93 Fashion designer in Montreal, Canada
1993/94 Fashion designer in Hong Kong
1994/95 Study trip to the Southeast Asia region, several months in Indonesia
1995/97 Studied painting with Theo Schäfer, Bielefeld, Germany
1997/99 Studium der Malerei, Stacy Studios, New York, USA




2019 Participation Nord Art, Büdelsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein
2018 Galerie Radicke, group exhibition
2017 Galerie Musnadi-Weskamp, group exhibition „Summer Vibes“
  Lockhart Galerie (formerly Zee Stone Gallery), Hong Kong
  Galeria Gaudi, Madrid, group exhibition, Kölner Liste
  Galerie Radicke, group exhibition with Markus Lüpertz
2016 Arnavutkoy Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey – Group Exhibition – Modern Expression
  Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany, group exhibition Robert Niesse with Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorf, Per Kirkeby, Markus Lüpertz, A.R. Penck, Harald Pompl
  Blaue Stunde Galerie, Berlin at WoBeGe Berlin
2015 Galerie Ho, New York City, at Berliner Liste
  Galerie Radicke, Bonn, Germany
2014 Zee Stone Galerie, Hong Kong
  Galerie Höcker, Osnabrück, Germany
  A Jain Marunouchi Galerie, New York City, USA
  Art Foundation Starke, Berlin, Germany
  Köln Paper Art, Köln, Germany
  Blaue Stunde Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2013 Art Week Berlin, B.AIGL Art, Berlin, Germany
  Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong
  Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
  A Jain Marunouchi Galerie, New York City, USA
2012 Shenzhen Art Fair, Shenzhen, PR China
  A Jain Marunouchi Galerie, New York City, USA
  Zee Stone Galerie, Hong Kong
  Atelier Link Architekten, Cologne, Germany
2011 Malberg Galerie, Cologne, Germany
  Alte Wachsfabrik, Cologne, Germany



Stadtmuseum Bonn, Museum Siegburg, Landtag Schleswig-Holstein, Gästehaus des Landtag Schleswig-Holstein, various private collections in Canada, USA, Europe, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Russia