Marion Menzel, Portrait, Künstlerin

Marion Menzel

The last joint solo exhibition with Cologne-based artist Marion Menzel took place under the motto "Flowers for Maria" in October 2018 in the rooms of my gallery in Nettersheim. This was followed in 2021 and 2022 by participation in the international group exhibitions "Inspire!" and "True Colours - Farbe bekennen" at Altes Pfandhaus in Cologne.

Art lovers associate freelance artist Marion Menzel above all with her unique tea objects, which feature alongside a wide variety of fabric and frieze paintings, sketchbooks and drawings of fish, flowers and mushrooms.

Exhibition “Blumen für Maria”

Interview with Marion Menzel

Exhibition “Flowers & Fish”



*1953 in Langenfeld
1969 – 1972 Training as a graphic artist in Düsseldorf
1972 – 1976 Degree at the FH für Kunst und Design, Cologne. Focus: painting, stage design, free graphics
since 1976 Freelance
2003 Work grant in Kyoto, Japan
2009 Project scholarship at the Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen

Marion Menzel began her artistic career alongside her work as a freelance graphic designer, initially with fabric paintings, in which she dealt intensively with the topic of “woman” and continued her work with numerous series of sketches, drawings and linoleic prints.

Triggered by her love of tea, she has continually dedicated special attention over the years to working with tea leaves, from which her objects and installations are created and have now become her trademark.

As a passionate tea drinker, one day the now dried remnant of the last infusion caught my eye, and I was fascinated by the bizarre structure of the tea leaves”,

says the artist.

This discovery was followed by longer periods of experimentation with different binders until she found a suitable glue. In addition to rod and wall objects, which are equipped with dried aubergines filled with synthetic resin, dried orange and mandarin peels were covered with dyed synthetic resin and coated with tea leaves for an installation reminiscent of a carpet of flowers.

Menzel has found a way to prevent the tea’s organic material from the decaying, and instead “prepare it for eternity””,

says art historian Dr. Susanne Wischermann.



Solo exhibitions (selection)

2018 Gallery Musnadi-Weskamp, Nettersheim
2017 Gallery Kunstraum Neuruppin, Neuruppin
2013 Gallery Kunstraum Neuruppin, Neuruppin, St. Trinitatis, Neuruppin, Kunstkabinett Hespert, Reichshof Eckenhagen
2012 Gallery Palais Walderdorff, Trier, Kunstverein Linz am Rhein e.V.
2011 KUBA, Nettersheim
2009 Städt. Galerie Haus Seel, Siegen, St. Agnes, Köln, Burggalerie, Burg Stolberg/Galerie Art Engert
2008 Forum Kunst und Architektur, Essen, Gmünder Kunstverein, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Kunstforum Hochschwarzwald e.V., Titisee, Galerie Artspace K2, Remagen
2007 Kunstverein Unna e.V., Unna