Claudia Betzin

Claudia Betzin

The freelance artist from Bergisch Gladbach is the winner of the tender project "Der Mensch und die Krise" (Man and the Crisis), in the field of art and culture of the city of Bergisch Gladbach.




*1961 in Cologne
1983 – 1989 Art studies at the GHS University Essen (class László Lákner)
2008 Culture Award of the Stadtverband Kultur, Bergisch Gladbach: “Der Bopp” for the project “Farbwechsel”

Painter Claudia Betzin, who lives in Bergisch Gladbach, studied Art at the GHS University in Essen and is represented in this exhibition with a selection of prints. For some years now, Claudia Betzin has devoted herself to acrylic painting and has been increasingly experimenting with screen printing and woodcut techniques. Sparingly set lines and line fields, so that the underlying layers of paint break out, return in her woodcut works in different variations and are a distinguishing feature of Claudia Betzin.

In the screen prints shown here, the color is treated as a light value. The basis is formed by the artist’s own photos of wind instruments, which are alienated and abstracted by different grids from very coarse to very fine, strong enlargements and extreme cut-outs.



Solo exhibitions (selection)

2022 „Einschnitte“, Kunsthafen Rhenania, Cologne
2018 „vertont, gerastert, ausgesiebt“, actvideo, Cologne
2017 “Printmaking”, Art Gallery ART ROOM, Düsseldorf
2013/14 “auf Linie und Ton”, Caritas Counselling Centre, Bonn
2012 “GP-S”, Kleine Rathausgalerie Odenthal
2010 “Tonspuren”, Consgenossen, Lindlar

Group exhibitions (selection)


“True Colours – Farbe bekennen”, Galerie Musnadi-Weskamp, Altes Pfandhaus, Köln


“Inspire!”, Galerie Musnadi-Weskamp, Altes Pfandhaus, Köln

2020/21 “Breaking the silence – die Stille durchbrechen”, Galerie Musnadi-Weskamp
2016 “Parcours”, Dakar
2015 150 Jahre danach” – the Rhine album reworked by Caspar Scheuren, Kreishaus, Bergisch Gladbach
2011 “wegwegweg” installation, Kulturbahnhof, Overath



2009 Catalogue “>>enzwisch”, Vitrine Paulin, cent lieux d’art, solre le chateaux, text: Gilles Fournet
2007 Catalogue “Intuition und Bestimmung”, Städtische Galerie Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach, texts: Karin Stempel, Wolfgang Vomm
2006 Catalogue “Farbwechsel”, Bergisch Gladbach, text: Petra Ölschlägel
2004 Catalogue “Stuhlwerk”, Bergisch Gladbach, text: Petra Lange