Susana Miranti Kroeber

Susana Miranti Kroeber

Originally from Germany, Susana has made Solo in Central Java, Indonesia her home after being fascinated by Indonesian culture and art. The award-winning artist works intensively and intuitively with masks–presenting them on their own as well as through performances, whereby movement and rhythm play a major role.

“To me, the soul speaks in pictures.”

Having become aware that my intuition is much more creative than my conscious thought, the ideas for my masks usually arise from my preoccupation with my subconscious. They show up either as themes, as dream words or even as the suggestion of a shape.

I start by bending a wire spontaneously and with panache, or bending and combining randomly cut pieces of material. Sometimes the shape “works” almost immediately, sometimes it takes me time to feel through it. After I have fixed the shape with tape, the lengthy process of bringing it alive begins, which I achieve with three superimposed layers of glued paper. Then comes the thrilling creative final phase in which I discover for myself how the colours and the painting should be. This process often takes weeks and is an exciting time for me.

The five works in the exhibition were created as an expression of very personal inner states–my True Colours. To me, the soul speaks in pictures. My masks have their origins both in my dreams and my subconscious, but sometimes they also come from ancient myths and traditions. I often amaze myself with what I have created with my own hands, because the masks embody my thoughts and feelings. They show inner fragmentation, naivety, the inner child, the loom of dualism inside one’s head, fear and horror, the breaking down of walls, or the uplifting feelings, like being a wave in the ocean.


Paintings from the exhibition “True Colours”



*1960 in Lünen, Germany
1978 – 84

University of Aachen, German language and literature, art

1986 – 91

Puppet Theatre, Düsseldorf, Germany. Guest performances in Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, Indonesia.

1991 – 92
  • Study of free movement,  “Amerta Movement”,  with Javanese free  movement artist Suprapto Suryodarmo
  • Authorization as “Messenger Art Teacher”  for Amerta Movement by Suprapto Suryodarmo
1992 Founder of Dance theater group “MIRANTI“ in Solo/ Centraljava.
1993 Tour MIRANTI to Jakarta and Bandung with„Nagasada“ among other at Goethe Institut Bandung and Centre Culturel Francais Bandung.
Since 1994 lives in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Participation and organization of various international performances in Indonesia and Germany
  • Group and solo exhibitions presenting masks, sculptures and photography in Indonesia and Germany
  • Intuitive movement (Miranti Movement) retreats, workshops and performances in Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and United Kingdom.
Since 2008 Focussing on the creation of abstract masks.



2021 “Dewaruci” Maskenperformance mit Musik von S. Yasudah am Sukuh Tempel, Mount Lawu, Zentraljava
  • Tribute to Suprapto Suryodarmo
    “Dharma Sang Begawan” with 21 artists from Solo, Indonesia
    Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, live streaming on YouTube (Susana Miranti at Minute 1.10)
  • “You’ll go places?…oh” Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, live streaming on YouTube
  • Momos and Querella, movement thetre with masks and sculptures by MIRANTI (Susana Miranti Kroeber, Mamik Soemaryatmi, Daryono Darmorejono, Lawu Warta, Musik: Yasudah S.) at World Dance Day at ISI (Indonesian Institute of the Art Surakarta)
  • Workshop Miranti Movement at “Amerta Movement in Performance” Stroud, UK
  • Solo-Performance “Querella” zu Musik von S. Yasudah im Rahmen von “Amerta Movement in Performance”, Stroud, UK
2018 Momos und Querella, Solo-mask play in cooperation with musicians Carsten Bethmann und Holger Kirleis at the event “Zwischen die Ohren” in Hannover, Bürgerschule Nordstadt
2017 Exhibition of masks at SIVA (Solo International Visual Art), Group exhibition, gallery at ISI (Indonesian Institute of the Art Surakarta)
2016 Exhibition Fotoserie “Schattenkompositionen Italien” in intl. group exhibition “Aku Yo Gestalten” UII Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2015 Workshop in Miranti Movement at MAM (Movement Art Meeting) in Amsterdam


Prizes / Scholarships

  • Award for Video “You’ll go places?…oh” with BlauLAUT prize for interdisciplinary art 2021
  • “Solo mit Buch”, by KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. Hamburg
  • “Dewaruci” mask performance, music by S. Yasudah at Sukuh Temple, Mount Lawu, Zentraljava