Susanne Lewest bei der Arbeit, Malerei

Susanne Lewest

Studied Fashion Designer, owner of her own hat brand, and painter and outdoor sculpturer as part of the surrounding nature. Exhibitions in France, Singapore and Germany.

Susanne Lewest is a French-German painter who has shaped her art through her extraordinary artistic instinct and skills of the craftswoman her into perfect points. As a milliner, she began creating hats in Paris, France. She soon realized that her creativity required a more free-spirited approach, so she started painting.

The turning point came in 2006 when she lived with her family in Singapore.

“Having to sell my hats to prove myself as an artist really influenced my creativity,” she says.

Even today, traces reminiscent of Susanne Lewest’s past as a fashionist are hidden in her poetic paintings.

Susanne’s pictures speak their own bold and luminous language, written “point by point” … a language she hopes will be accessible to all. “By combining colour with texture in points, time and lost places are overcome, resurrected moments.” The results are visually fascinating works full of movement, balance and imagination, which are both organic and abstract at the same time.




Susanne Lewest was born in June 1964 in Berlin, where she grew up and studied fashion design. She moved to Paris in 1989 and began working as a fashion designer for the famous milliner Jean Barthet.

At the same time, she developed a strong interest in painting. Susanne created her tailor-made hats under her own label, which she took with her when she and her family moved to Ireland and then Singapore.

In 2006, while in Singapore, she decided to devote herself entirely to painting. She not only paints, but also creates art outdoors, making the natural environment a part of her artwork. Susanne returned to France in 2009, where she has been living near Geneva with her family and working in her own studio. Susanne Lewest has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions in France, Singapore, Germany and Switzerland.




2022 “True Colours – Farbe bekennen”, group exhibition, Gallery Musnadi-Weskamp, Altes Pfandhaus, Köln
2022 Gallery Maison Voltaire – Ferney Voltaire – solo exhibition
2022 Gallery Atelier Ches’Art Yverdon Suisse
2022 Discovery Art Fair Cologne, group exhibition, Gallery Musnadi-Weskamp
2021 Regain Art Lyon, Palais Bondy, group exhibition
2021 10. Biennale Intenationale d’Art Contemporain de Marcigny, Prix du Jury
2021 Galerie Francois Fontaine, Genf, with Marie Thorndal
2021 Art en Campagne “l’equilibre”
2020 Visarte, En Regard, mit Marie Thorndal, Espace Ruine
2020 Regain Art Lyon, Palais Bondy, group exhibition
2020 Discovery Art Fair Cologne Virtuell, Gallery Musnadi-Weskamp
2019 l’atelier d’Academie, Orangerie Chateau Ferney Voltaire, France
2019 Salon Regain, Palais Bondy, Lyon, France
2019 Swiss Art Place, Lausanne, Switzerland
2019 Galerie Humanit’Art, Genéve, Switzerland, solo exhibition
2018 Collection Léon Art, Lyon, Switzerland, solo exhibition
2018 Salon Regain, Lyon, Palais Bondy, France
2018 Art en Champagne, Land Art (awarded the Land-Art prize)
2017 Galerie François Fontaine at Satigny-Geneva, Switzerland, solo exhibition
2017 Salon Regain, Palais Bondy, Lyon, France
2017 Maison Fusier at Ferney Voltaire, France, solo exhibition
2016 XXIV é Salon de la St.Martin, Versonnex, France
2016 Salon Regain, Palais Bondy, Lyon, France
2016 Art en Campagne, Land Art, France
2015 German Center of Singapore, Solo exhibition