10.10.2021, 12:17 Uhr

Art exhibition Inspire! 2021 Looking back

After not being able to hold any exhibitions due to Covid-19 we finally were able to showcase art again in 2021. With “Inspire!", a group art show at the "Altes Pfandhaus" in Cologne in September we reintroduced real life exhibitions.

A selection of 80 artworks were presented by nine artists:

  • Magdalena Abele (Photography, Germany),
  • Claudia Betzin (Screen Printing, Woodcut Print, Installation, Germany),
  • Robert Niesse (Painting, Germany),
  • Odo Rumpf (Sculptures, Germany),
  • Agnieszka Zieba (Photography, Poland),
  • Marion Menzel (Drawings, Tea objects, Germany),
  • Lili Voigt  (Photography, Video, Germany),
  • Teguh Ostenrik (Paintings, Indonesia),
  • Antonius Kho (Paintings, Indonesia).